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Tips for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Woman Experiencing Morning Sickness Early Pregnancy
One of the toughest symptoms women encounter in the 1st trimester of pregnancy is morning sickness. Any woman who has gone through it or is going through it, knows the first signs usually develop during the month following the first missed period, when hormone levels rapidly increase. It may range from mild, occasional nausea to [...]

Miscarriage Chances By Week

A Woman's Hand Holding a Pregnancy Loss Awareness Ribbon

What are the odds that I will have a miscarriage? Sometimes, once the excitement of a positive pregnancy test wears off, many women (and couples) worry about the chance of miscarriage. The good news is that once you have the Big Fat Positive, your chance for a miscarriage is pretty small! Miscarriage rates will vary […]

What Makes a Pregnancy High Risk?

Pregnant Woman Sits with Doctor
There are several factors that can make a pregnancy high risk, including a mother's existing health conditions, age, lifestyle, being pregnant with multiples, and health issues that are conditions of pregnancy. While there is no formal definition of a high-risk pregnancy, they typically involve increased risk of illness or even death for the mother or [...]