Tag Us On Instagram for a $50 Shop Credit

We’d love to see you loving your purchases! Did you know you can tag us each month on Instagram for a chance to win a $50 shop credit at Blossom?


Can I enter more than once a month?

Yes! Each tag counts as a separate entry to improve your odds of being chosen.

Can I enter each month?

Yes, yes, yes!

Will my picture be featured?

We love seeing your pictures of your kids and cool product set-ups, anything, so yes! We will feature them in our stories and highlight them.

If I win, does my shop credit expire?

No, you will receive a gift certificate that can be used multiple times if you’re not spending the full amount, and does not expire.

When do you announce a winner?

We generally aim to announce a winner by the 5th of the proceeding month – but this is not always the case. If you tag us in February, we should announce a winner by March 5th.

Will you do this forever?

Like all promotions and giveaways we may decide to end this program, replace it, or modify it at any time.

What do you do with images I share with you?

We may use images you share with us on our social media, website, or marketing efforts.