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How to Remove and Install a Diono 3QXT Car Seat Cover

How to Remove and Install Diono 3QXT Car Seat Cover

One of the most common questions we see about car seats is how to remove a cover! Kid’s are no strangers to accidents in their car seats from spilling, car sickness and more. Removing the Car Seat Cover on a Diono 3QXT Be sure to remove your car seat from your vehicle before attempting to remove the cover. Also remove the Infant Insert and side impact protection pillow. Remove the harness straps from the harness hook at the rear of the car seat. Pull them out through the front of the car seat. Remove the headrest cover by pulling on…

How Do the Brakes Work On A Doona?

One of the biggest pain points for strollers can sometimes be a cumbersome or unintuitive brake system. Luckily, that’s the not the case with the Doona! The brakes on a Doona use a simple two lever system on the back wheels. Red Brake, when pushed will mean the brakes are activated and the stroller will not roll. Green Brake, when pushed will mean the brakes are inactive and the stroller will roll smoothly! When should you use the brakes on your Doona? You should always use the brake when outside the car and always use the it when placing and…

How to Remove a Doona Seat Cover?

Let’s face it, car seats get dirty. Whether spit up, diaper blow outs, spilled milk and more, you may want to remove the Doona’s Seat Cover to wash it. Luckily, Doona makes it easy! How to Remove a Doona Seat Cover Remove shoulder pads and make sure the straps are unlatched Reach around the back under the top and pull 4 clips down to unlatch At the bottom, remove the strap from the silver connector Gently pull around the edge of the seat cover, moving along the entire body of the car seat Thread the straps through the holes in…

Steps for Folding a Doona Car Seat Stroller

How Do You Fold a Doona Car Seat?

One of the most impressive and unique features about the Doona Car Seat is that it has attached wheels. Switching the Doona from car seat to stroller is made easy! Step 1 If the handle is extended, press the button at the top and push it down. Step 2 Press both buttons on the bottom of the handle to move it into a straight up & down position. Step 3 Reach around to the back of the car seat and push in the red safety lock button while pulling up the stroller wheel release. TIP: Use your foot in front…

Size Comparison of Maileg Mouse Family

Maileg Product Size Guide

Maileg products come in various sizes depending on the product and collection you’re purchasing from. Your Maileg friends will only fit into the clothes and furniture that corresponds to their size (medium bunnies fit into medium clothes and medium furniture). This easy to use guide will help you pick the appropriate clothing and accessories. Maileg Mice Measurements Mom and Dad Mouse (6 inches) Baby Boy and Girl Mouse (2.5 inches) Little Brother and Sister Mouse (4 inches) Big Brother and Sister Mouse (4.5 – 5 inches) Medium Boy and Girl Mouse (13.5 inches) Maxi Various Mouse (19.5 inches) Mega Princess…

Age Labels on Toys: What Do They Mean?

When shopping for toys, especially when considering babies and toddlers, you may wonder what the Age Rating on toys means. Is a toy with a lower age rating appropriate for older kids? Toy Age Labels 101 It’s been a couple decades since the US Consumer Product Safety Commission started regulating toys and manufacturers began following the guidelines, but what exactly do those age labels on toys really mean? As flashy as some toy packaging can be, there’s one part that is meant to stand out — a bold number that tells you what age a child should be to use…

The Vital Importance of Play

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whether alone, with parents, with a friend, or in a group, play is an essential part of childhood that’s crucial for the optimal growth of humans at all ages. Play: A Human Right Play is such an important part of child development that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognizes it as a fundamental right every child has. Unfortunately, studies increasingly show many children encounter significant obstacles to ample, age-appropriate playtime. From the exploitative practices of child labor to the traumas of war and domestic violence, our world often fails to make the right to play accessible to…

Timing Trying to Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant

Everyone knows that in order to get pregnant, sex needs to happen. Not everyone knows that you have to have sex at just the right time to make it happen! If you think back to your middle school biology or health class, you’ll remember that in order for pregnancy to occur, a sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg, and the egg must be implanted in the lining of the uterus. Everything You Wanted to Know About Ovulation Ovulation is the process when an egg is released from the ovary. This egg moves into the fallopian tube where it awaits fertilization by…

Pregnant Woman Sits with Doctor

What Makes a Pregnancy High Risk?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are several factors that can make a pregnancy high risk, including a mother’s existing health conditions, age, lifestyle, being pregnant with multiples, and health issues that are conditions of pregnancy. While there is no formal definition of a high-risk pregnancy, they typically involve increased risk of illness or even death for the mother or baby, or increased risk of complications before and after delivery for either mother, baby, or both. Being diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy DOES NOT mean that you won’t end up with a healthy & happy baby (or babies!) Most pregnancies are normal and problem free:…

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