The Best Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

As mamas prepare for and take care of their new babies, its easy for them to forget to take care of themselves! Pregnancy and postpartum life is difficult and stressful. The new mama in you life deserves something special. Because of this, we have created a list of the best 7 gifts for an expecting mom to give her at her baby shower or out of the blue! Whether you are looking for a single gift, items for a hospital delivery bag, or a pre-packed hospital bag, we have got you covered in this list. Also, if you are a mama doing some pregnancy shopping for yourself, keep reading and find a treat for yourself!

1. Pre-packed Hospital Bag

Complete Hospital and Labor & Delivery Kit with a Bag Blossom

Give the perfect gift of an easy delivery day through a delivery bag! This pre-packed hospital bag contains everything a new mom will need during her delivery and time at the hospital. Make her life simple by removing the stress of packing. Check out the Hospital Bag Kit by Blossom. It has everything a mama needs to get through her hospital visit with her newborn!

2. Diaper Bag

Fawn Design Buttercup Yellow Diaper Bag Original

These diaper bags are both fun and practical! Diaper bags come in a range of styles and sizes so you have many to chose from. But, you can’t say no to a bag that has a adorable saying on it! Take a peek at Blossom’s “Baby Necessities” print toiletry bag or our “Mommy Bag” print diaper bag. Or, browse Blossom’s whole diaper bag selection.

3. Postpartum Care Products

Birth is hard! Treat the new mama in your life with some self care products to help her recover after birth. Lip Scrub, Massage Oil, Belly Oil, an Aromatherapy Inhaler, Facial Spray, Nipple Butter, and Belly Butter are great options! Comforting and useful options like these are always needed while caring for a new baby. Mamas are working hard taking care of that newborn. Reward them with convenience and relief!

4. Cosy Blanket or Slippers

Home is Wherever Mom Is Throw Knit Throw Blanket

Every new mama will love something cozy to keep her warm and comfy! Slippers or a blanket are great choices. Blossom carries super fun ultra-plush slippers with “Bad Ass” or “Legendary Female” print to give any mama a confidence boost. We also carry a gorgeous light wait “Home is Wherever Mom Is” blanket.

5. Memory Keepers

Lucy Darling Little Captain Baby Memory Book

Keeping tack of memories and milestones can easily fall to the back of a mama’s mind as she cares for her new baby. Memory keepers are a great ways to help her easily save mementos. Some good options include a baby’s first year memory book, a growth chart, or wooden milestone age blocks. Find more ideas of great milestone gifts here!

6. Mug or Water Bottle


What could be a better gift for a new mama than an easy way to hold her much needed coffee? Choose a travel mug with a fun pattern or print! Blossom has adorable travel mugs featuring “Boss Lady”, “But First Coffee”, and “Mama Needs Coffee” calligraphy style text. Another great option is a reusable #MOMLIFE water bottle so that she can stay hydrated and ready to go!

7. Gift Card

Blossom Baby & Maternity Gift Card

If you are still not sure what to buy, go with a gift card! Let the new mama in your life pick out her own gift. Blossom sells gift cards of any amount so an expecting mama can pick out exactly what she wants. She can chose something from this list or anything else from the Blossom inventory. That includes postpartum and pregnancy care items and baby stuff!

Don’t forget to tell the new mama in your life that she is doing an amazing job!

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